Picnic Tables of Houston       

Beer Gutter Picnic Tables for sale in the Houston Area

This Style is the new trend in Picnic Tables! See us featured in the Baytown Suns Coastal Magazine, theKitchn.comManteresting.com , About.comPinterest.com , and The Trend Hunter  

Not only are they cool, they are really cool. This Eight footer can hold between 30 and 32 regular beers!  All of these tables include Galvanized hardware and Ceramic Coated Deck screws as a standard.

They can be clear coated, stained, flash burned and branded or customized any way you want for additional fees. They are all just as solid as our standard and treated tables..National and International Shipping is conveniently available through SHIPPING WARS

Standard Yellow Pine Prices
6 Foot Standard Beer Gutter Picnic Tables from $240

8 Foot Standard Beer Gutter Picnic Tables from $270

10 Foot Standard Beer Gutter Picnic Tables from $411

12 Foot Standard Beer Gutter Picnic Tables from $435

Pressure Treated Prices

6' Pressure Treated Beer Gutter $292

8' Pressure Treated Beer Gutter $343

10' Pressure Treated Beer Gutter $379

12' Pressure Treated Beer Gutter $492

To assure that we can get your table finished within your schedule, please call us first to verify or just to have us do the invoice over the phone for you:


  Our Beer Gutter picnic Tables feature a 5 inch deep x 5 1/2 inch wide galvanized gutter. Notice how long neck bottles fit in the ice trough nicely. They have pop up drains for removing your melted ice water when the party is over.. We also offer you the option of having your beer gutter insulated as well. Notice the insulation already on the ice trough in the picture above.The table above is a variant on our original theme and includes a separate container for plants. This particular one contains: Kimberly Queen Fern in the center and then,African Violet, Ornamental Kale, Rosemary, Lavender, Sweet Mint, and Marigolds..Using your imagination, you can plant almost any fragrant edible herbs and flowers in your new beer gutter!!

For an extra small fee.. "FREE", we offer wooden lids for your new Beer Gutter Tables as well so that you can conveniently use every bit of your table while not needing the gutter part of the party

Prices for Wooden Lid with Matching Grain

6 Foot Beer Gutter Picnic Table Lid $FREE

8 Foot Beer Gutter Picnic Table Lid $FREE

10 Foot Beer Gutter Picnic Table Lid $FREE

12 Foot Beer Gutter Picnic Table Lid $FREE


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